Many people are facing crashes after updating their Call Of Duty Mobile Version to 1.0.15 due to which game automatically closes while game play.

Reason For Crash

I tried Many things to figure out why is it happening i tried to

  1. Change Game’s Graphics settings to minimal
  2. Overclocked my phone’s CPU
  3. Overclocked my phone’s GPU
  4. Changed Custom Rom

In the end i tried to capture Logs of the crash and i found out Call of duty was trying to get root filesystem permission by which it was detecting if phone is Rooted or Not.

Reason for crash was Rooted Phone.


If you have rooted your phone you must know about Magisk if you don’t it is just a root manager just like Super Su but has a special power to hide itself from root detecting apps.

To fix this issue you will have to use that Magisk super power to hide it from Call Of Duty.

Follow the below Steps to know how to use it.

  1. Select the following options from Magisk Settings

2. After that you will be able to see Magisk hide option in the navigation menu select that.

3. Search for Call of Duty and check the radio button that’s it you are done now play call of duty without any crash.

If you have any difficulty in this tutorial you can also watch youtube tutorial that i have made in my Youtube Channel below