Google Pixelbook Chrome OS tablet,Nocturne will be released most probably on October 9

Google is holding a event in October and in addition to the rumored Pixel 3 devices we are likely to see some kind of Chrome OS device. Kevin Tofel did some digging and made some intriguing discoveries.
Google has reset the laptop experience with the Pixelbook. So, what’s the next Google reset?
The first Pixelbook  is a 12.3-inch mobile-device/laptop hybrid wonder that falls roughly between the 12.5-inch HP EliteBook x360 and 12-inch MacBook. Like those laptops, it pushes the boundaries of extreme portability.
Similar to the 12-inch MacBook, the Pixelbook is as close to a tablet as a clamshell laptop can get. And that’s its defining hardware feature: the remarkable thinness (0.4 inches) and weight (2.4 pounds). That combined with almost-perfect weight distribution make for a very tablet-like laptop. But it also manages to keep the laptop faith — like any old laptop it has a pointing device/trackpad and a keyboard.
Pixelbook Gen 2: Launching On OCTOBER 9
The next Pixelbook (or series, if there’s more than one) may include a tablet with a detachable keyboard (see image at top), according to reports at About Chromebooks.The Google’s October 9 event where the company is expected to announce a new Pixelbook(s) along with new Pixel phones.
“Google is holding a hardware event in New York City on October 9. And yes, it is expected to launch an updated Pixelbook Chromebook, the Nocturne Chrome tablet and new Pixel 3 and 3XL phones that day. And in the US, you’ll likely be able to order at least some of the new devices that day. “